Digital Artist | Emote Designer | Streamer


Hi everyone, I'm Niyori
and Yes, I am a trad-turned digital artist...
I enjoy Anime, Gaming, Music and creating short-form timelapses of my art for Tiktok, FB and Instagram...If I'm not creating content I'm playing Final Fantasy XIV, a Square Enix/Bandai RPG or a random visual novel.

Commissions Menu

For a better view of the samples simply click the menu image you wish to look at.👌

Commission Prices


Full/Half/Portrait OC: $120 / $60 / $25
Chibi Full-Pint: $30
Profile Picture(Portrait): $25
Chibi Half-Pint: $12
Social Media Banner: $10


Emote/ Bit/ Sub Badge Sets : $60
Twitch Panels/ Static Overlays: $15
Twitch/ Social Media Banner: $10
Channel Point Currency: $5

Other Prices

Logo Design: $50
Merch Design: $150
Stream Bundles: Message Me!

Getting Started

Commission methods

I Have made available multiple ways to accept commissions, in the interest of accessibility and availability I am available for work on external platforms too...

Commission Request Form

The quickest and easiest way is to
Use This Commission Request form and email me... I will reply as soon as available!
Please Note
Commissions made on External platforms will remain on that Platform as according to Terms of Service


For a more streamlined approach - In the circumstance that the form is in any shape overwhelming.
I can accept your email as following:

Subject: COMMISSION [Your Name]Email body: Commission Details / PayPal email and Commission references.

It helps if you can provide as much information as possible for me to encapsulate your vision inside the first draft.

Other Methods

I can accept your commission on a reputable and trusted art platform.

Terms of Service

Please be sure to read at the very minimum - the nutshell terms. They are in place to protect both You and I from any undesired situations and provide clear and important context about Your Commission and Me.

Terms of Service

(In a Nutshell)

I Will Draw

Original Characters, Personal Avatars,
Game/Anime Character(s) / Fanart
Humanoid (Biped Anthro's OK)
Real people, Animals
Props/ Scene Objects
backdrops / backgrounds.
Twitch Assets: Emotes, Sub Badges, Bit Badges, Panels, Banners, Overlays.

I May Draw

Quadra-ped Anthropomorph (A Big Maybe)
Mild NSFW/ Risque (Nothing of a Sexual Nature)
Moderate to Intricate detail (like armour adorning, engraving, fine jewellery etc.)

I Will Not Draw

NSFW/porn, gore, hyper-realism or hyper-detailed (quite literally hyper-anything)
Vore, Explicit Nudity.. that includes Rule-34
Other possible concepts that I feel is outside my level of expertise.

Work and Communication

  • Workdays are Monday, Wednesday and Fridays

  • Comms will be done, drawn or illustrated within the hours of 10am and 3pm as to the specifications of your choice.

  • Any and all communication will be made through the platform the commission was received through


  • The communication channel You have specified with Your request....


Invoicing and Payments will happen on the platform it has been requested through. Or through an itemized invoice with Stripe or Paypal.


Certain commissions are for private use, please be sure to specify if your commission is for personal/private use or for Commercial (Creator) Use..
Sharing on Social Media without consent ❌
Sharing on Social Media with credit ✅
Reposting, editing, copying, referencing without consent ❌

Refunds and Cancellations

A Cancellation fee of 25% will be applied to any Commission that (whichever happens first):
- have already accepted a WIP.
- 1 Hour of active drawing time.

Cancellations without the fee must be for valid professional reasons and personal emergencies and outside the options of rescheduling or rejoining a waitlist queue...

How it Works

1. Once (If/When) Your Commission is accepted, I will issue an invoice totalling 50% of the project value to confirm the Authenticity of Your Commission and Commission Slot,

The second payment will be done after the commission is marked as finalising and I have prepared the Commission Final.

Commissions can take a short time, or a long time depending on multiple factors

2. After Payment, Your Commission will begin on the date the Commission slot was given, I will send you:

  • Initial Sketch

  • A draft Lined WIP

  • A Flat Coloured WIP

Stages operate on a Traffic light basis, with a maximum of 3 re-touches/edits
any more will cost more, for additional changes.

Stay updated with the commission tracker

3. Once your commission is complete, You will know Immediately when your Commission card has been moved to "Finalising" - You will receive a sample of the final commission attached with a second invoice to complete your commission payment..

I allow ONE, Alteration on the Final such as Colour-grading/Saturation/ Overlay toning.. but deep-editing (redrawing/recolouring) will incur a 5% redraw fee.

Once you confirm the completion of Your Commission with your payment You will receive the Final via email with my warmest Thanks for giving me the opportunity..


I am usually contactable via Discord, X/Twitter, Facebook and Instagram... Though my time is limited I make my best attempt to reply as quickly as possible.

Feel free to use any of the platforms listed here to make any inquiries or voice any questions or concerns.

Terms of Service

(In Full)

  • I work on commissions Mondays, Wednesday's and Friday's , not including scheduled Rest-Days, Moments I am unwell, or Holidays.

  • Any Art Commissioned will be provided within the Commission specifics and pricing.

  • Updates will be provided when and as they are completed operating on a "Traffic Light" basis.

  • I reserve the right when presented with a request of significant detail and difficulty to scale pricing accordingly.

  • Requesting me as an exclusive emote artist in-between Commissions will be treated as a Rush Order and priced accordingly..

  • I withhold the right to inform you of offering the request to a trusted artist; on the sole basis that it's outside my ability or past a scheduled deadline, a Full Refund will be made if You choose otherwise.

  • Do not make a request for a specific style.. Style is something unique and independent to each Artist, Commission me because you like mine and expect nothing less.

  • Colour spacing may vary, if you prefer strict Color grading let me know.

  • Refunds will result in a 25% cancellation fee per drawing tier. PayPal chargebacks will result in blacklisting from further requests and Documented on a public Trello board

  • By making a request you accept all Terms of Services specified here.

Material Usage Policy

  • Commissions or Requests are for Personal Use, For Commercial Licensing Contact me Prior to usage.

  • Sharing of any unwatermarked WIPs is discouraged (Sharing watermarked WIPs [OK] Remember to tag me if possible)

  • I withhold all rights to any artwork commissioned and the right to share it on social media (Please let me know if You prefer I Don't or are planning a debut/surprise)

  • Please do not redistribute, edit, copy or reference without consent.

  • Provide credit on social media or provide a link towards my profile or website any on any finished requests..

  • I may provide you with a brand campaign set - contact me if this isn't necessary...

Time Constraints

  • I will go to great lengths to complete your commission and update frequently with any status changes regarding your commission..

  • Updates will be made at each stage as stated in the Starting a Commission, and is important that you monitor the Progress sheet on Trello..

  • Failure to launch - whether by non-payment or communication break-down I reserve the right to cancel your commission or progress on someone elses.

  • Rush Orders are available at twice (2x) the commission cost, It's important to inform me of this to ensure I have the time available..

Invoicing and Payments

  • Invoicing/Payments will be made through PayPal or Stripe (External Commission Requests on other Services will made on those specific platforms..)

  • A 50% Deposit will guarantee you a commission slot if space is available otherwise you will be placed in queue on the waitlist on Trello.

  • If payment isn't made within 48hrs of the request I may offer a payment plan suitable for us both...

  • Failure to co-operate on an initial payment, or payment plan without a due valid reason will result in slot reschedule so I can work on others.